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deepWORK® Basic Education – 09. February 2015

Making people’s life better in every aspect is one of the most respectable jobs. Starting with a small group, then having a team, standing on huge stages, teaching instructors and travelling all around the world as a Global Master Trainer.

Here is the first step in the UK.

By participating on this very unique course you can learn how to:
• plan and teach a successful deepWORK® class
• train like an athlete without any equipment
• use different breathing techniques to make your workout more efficient
• unlock your limitations and move freely in every dimension
• use natural movements and plan your exercise routine
• reach the state of mental and physical relaxation
• help people and your loved ones to make their life better, fitter and happier.

And it is all delivered by our Global Master Trainer (Jimmy Outlaw) who is coming from Switzerland to introduce you to the world of deepWORK®.

Date: 21-22 February 2015
Location: Reebok Sports Club London
Price: £300

Take a deep breath…and see you there!