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Wonderful programs! Wonder gadgets! The new fitness trend! The XYZ diet! …

The fitness industry is full of confusing statements. There are new diets unveiled each week, there are commercials that sell devices promising to make the body even fitter and healthier and there are programs in fitness and sports club that promise weight loss and strengthening of individual body parts. But what is the truth?

This is one of the reasons why we believe in our motto: “Science not fairy tale”! Own research institute, particular studies and close collaboration with universities and Olympic training centers make the IRON SYSTEM® a leading know-how in the fitness industry!

Thus developed by the IFHIAS Institute is the »fast track« training that ensures a lean, taut and healthy body:

  • More Body Fat Reduction
  • More muscle toning
  • More health
  • More Fun!


The IRON SYSTEM® is not a marketing gimmick! The IRON SYSTEM® is based on pure sport science – implemented with fun and variety! NOTHING can compare to it!

The fat burner system / full body workout with success

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IRON SYSTEM® is based on science

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