IRON SYSTEM® is based on science

This quest for knowledge led to the founding of the Institute IFHIAS (International Fitness and Health Institute of Applied Sciences). It is not only involved in teaching but also in research.

»Disce, Doce, Dilige« – »Learn, teach, enjoy!«!

IFHIAS Institute is not only committed to provide training programs on the basis of the actual scientific results but to maintain their devotion to science with a number of universities and institutes, our establishment is academically dedicated; believing that research and teaching are bound together.

IFHIAS Institute also supports scientific research and thematic studies in related subjects.

The IFHIAS Institute does not only teach but gains more and more knowledge at the same time. Moreover, we are proud of our graduates’ commitment and knowledge that allow them to successfully apply this unique skill within the fitness industry.

The fat burner system / full body workout with success

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