For Studios

Gyms and facilities, there are plenty of them. But what differentiates the studios from each other? Right – to be responsive towards customers’ needs and the ability of recognizing what makes the studio better than that of the competitors.

This is why we want to help you: creating a financially viable system that is easy to handle!

Don’t you run the IRON SYSTEM® programs? Find out why you must have this scientifically-based system integrated into your course area.

The IRON SYSTEM® offers you:

  • A perfect, sports science and medically recommended workout system
  • 6 different courses that are mixed up on purpose with quarterly choreography and music
  • Broad target group coverage: Youngsters, figure and health athletes, silver generation, new and returning, fitness enthusiasts, athletes
  • Strong customer loyalty through word of the mouth associated with irreplaceable real shape and health successes and exciting training experiences
  • Quality control, management, marketing

Be something special!

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Membership recruitment and retention through the IRON SYSTEM®

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Coach search

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