Licence conditions

By passing the exam for HOT IRON®™ instructor, the instructor has the right to use the proprietary name of HOT IRON®.
The name is linked to its proven by passing the qualification examination and can be used in any of this studio instructor. Wrongful use of the name will be prosecuted and may be punished with a fine of up to € 5,000.

Paid Studio licenses do not exist.

The HOT IRON® Instructor Licence, and thus the use of name is confirmed by annual training in the IRON SYSTEM®. It applies to the most current training organization chart in its latest version.

Evaluation period for the training is a calendar year.
Concrete example: 2010 successful test for HOT IRON® Instructor, 2011 Confirmation of the licence by participating in the IRON SYSTEM® instructor training, participation in a PTD 2012, 2013 same, and so on.

If the instructor in a calendar year takes part in 2 or more IRON SYSTEM® training then the licence is valid for 2 years. Upon completion of further trainings the validity of licence cannot be extended further.

Even after being appointment with the title of IRON SYSTEM® Specialist this measure of quality assurance does not go out.

If the licence is expired, it must be successfully completed to re-acquiring the right to use the name of a HOT IRON® instructor training.

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