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Merry Christmas – 20. December 2015

As only a couple of days left till the end of 2015, we wanted to take a quick look back to this very action packed year.

First of all we would like to say a very big THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart to everyone who supported us in any way by participating in our events, classes and courses, or providing us with the opportunity to present our deepWORK®, HOT IRON® and IRON CROSS® concepts at the best places in the UK.

Special thanks go to Kai Schumacher, Robert Steinbacher and the whole IFHIAS team for creating and constantly developing these wonderful programs.

It is difficult to express how grateful we are that we have a stable and high quality base, a headquarter where we can organise our courses, workshops and masterclasses. Thank you to the whole The Third Space group, especially to Tanya Camilleri for believing in our vision.

Of course, we couldn’t do anything without our trainers and our brilliant presenters who always stand next to us (even in the most difficult moments) and do their best to help people achieving their aims. Massive thank you to Krisztina Bérces, Alice Brossier and Arnas Liaukus for all your selfless help.

Also a very special thank you goes to Katie Scott and Thomas Bristow for trying out our deepWORK® class and writing amazing articles about it.

And last but definitely not least we are very thankful to the organisers of the Super Saturday events for giving us the chance to meet and sweat together with so many great fitness’ers in London, Nottingham and Stevenage. Thank you Claire Baycroft, Troy Dureh and all the participants of the Vent events.

And now, nothing else left just to wish you and all your loved ones a very Merry Christmas. As always, just take a deep breath because in 2016 we’re gonna strike the IRON (even harder). 😉

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