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Super Saturday 17 – 19. November 2015

We are always happy to participate in the Super Saturday events. Great team, great participants, great energy. For last time this year meet us in Hounslow and don’t forget to bring your towel with you. 🙂

Who is this Masterclass for?

  • Managers who like to always be one step ahead the competitors and who want to provide a long-term system without license fees for their customers.
  • Personal trainers and group exercise instructors who are looking for a program that is completely unique and gives them fresh ideas.
  • Fitness enthusiasts who want to experience our powerful athletic training, showing them how to maximise their poteintal to achieve their goals in the shortest possible way.


28th November
David Lloyd, Heston


We look forward to see you at the event and till then just
Take a deep breath and strike the IRON! 😉

For more information about what to expect please visit our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

Note: We may take photos and videos on this event if you wouldn’t like to be seen on the pictures please contact us!